Biuro Rachunkowo - Prawne ANIMUS  
doradztwo podatkowe, usługi rachunkowo - prawne

The Animus Legal Office distinguishes itself at the local market thanks to over 20 years of experience. During past 2 decades we served a few hundred companies from Ostrów Wielkopolski and other towns nearby. We provide proffessional services of tax and legal advising as well as accounting for private enterpreneurs, small family buisnessand big companies of international activity. We are in the register of polish National Chamber of Tax Advisors and we take part in many courses to be aware of dynamic changes in polish law. Animus Legal Office counts on individual contact with clients. We hire a big team of qualified workers, each of them has over 20 years of experience.

We provide a possibility of contact with cooperators and companies from outside Poland. Here's a contact number to our interpreter:
+48 608 598 563